Yoga came into Christie’s life in 2004. It taught her how to love, and because of that she feels it is her purpose in life to share it. Christie practices yoga to stay in her heart and out of her head. Everyday on her mat is a new experience, and an opportunity to explore what her body’s intuition has to say. She loves to move in a very purposeful way; a way that invokes feelings of ease, grace and beauty. Christie never believed herself to be anything close to graceful, nor beautiful. Yoga and its potent teachings transformed- and continues to shape- how she views herself, which radically transforms her entire experience of living.
   Christie began teaching yoga in 2009 after completing a 200 hour yoga teacher training intensive under the guidance of Daniel Clement of Open Source Yoga. Since then she has completed over 1000 contact and non contact hours of yoga training and education, and has shared over five thousand hours of teaching. In May 2016, Christie became a RYT-500 certified Yoga Teacher under the direction and support of Christine Price Clark at the Vancouver School of Yoga. Christie is fortunate to have received guidance from many, many wonderful teachers. The underlying message in every teaching she has ever received has been that of honest love; of self and of life. She is eternally grateful to all of her teachers for sharing their passion for yoga, and love of life.
   Sharing the idea of honest love through asana, through play, through silence, and through holding space for her community is her purpose, and her gift to give. Christie teaches in a way that emphasizes continuous movement and a strong connection to breath. She aspires to help people rediscover their inner light, that once found, can never again be lost nor forgotten.